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Just noticed that we don’t need to apply CSS property “border-radius” for Firefox and Chrome seprately (-moz & webkit) , “border-radius” property is now supported by All new browsers FF 7, Chrome 14, Safari,  and IE9

Plenty of Typographic font are available and FREE!


I was facing that problem for the last few days, then i found the great solution, and now sharing with you guys. !

I did the following Steps:

 - Right click on developer tools in the task bar,
 - Select Maximize,
 - Pin the window to Internet Explorer (Ctrl + P)
 - Then it should appear in IE.
 - Select the restore button to unpin.


Cool hack for IE 8 Standard-Mode.

IE8 Standards-Mode Only:

.test { color /*\**/: blue\9 }

All IE versions, including IE8 Standards Mode:

.test { color: blue\9 }